5 Tips on How to Achieve Healthy Weight Loss - From Dr. Sheila Hughes

April 10, 2020

Want to look better? Working hard to improve your health through weight loss?

Regardless of why you choose to lose weight, remember that losing weight serves as only part of the battle when it comes to overall health and fitness. Losing weight properly ensures that your health will improve. Trying to lose it the wrong way could leave you weaker, vulnerable to illness, or even heavier than before you started.

At Dr. Sheila Hughes, we believe in using the right weight loss practices. It’s not about how many pounds you lose, but how well you can maintain losses in the long run. After all, yo-yo dieting can be bad for your health.

We believe in creating healthy lifestyles and treatments that help to keep extra weight off for good.

Ignore Unhealthy Fads

One of the worst decisions people make lies in following fad diets. All too often, these lose-weight-fast style diets have negative impacts on health. They also collectively have a poor track record of helping people keep weight off.

Weight only stays off when people make lifestyle changes. Simply adopting a radical course that takes weight off rapidly rarely helps. At some point, habits and practices return to normal and weight gain begins.

Replace Sodas and Fruit Juices with Water

What you drink can hurt your efforts more than what you eat. If you wash down healthy foods with too many sodas or fruit juices, you may undo your efforts. These drinks often contain high levels of sugar. Overconsumption of sugar in the long term can lead to a number of health issues.

Exercise More Regularly

One sure-fire way to lose weight, feel better, and boost health comes from exercise. Moderate exercise every day can help to boost metabolism, shed pounds, burn fat, and create more toned muscles.

Exercise also helps with enhancing your emotional and mental state. It releases endorphins that improve mood and can even help with symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Focus on the Positive

Studies repeatedly demonstrate that positive outlooks and emotional health often work hand in hand with successful weight loss. Also true, declining emotional and mental health can sap motivation and create other challenges for those trying to lose weight.

Successful accountability programs can often help with motivation and also positive reinforcement. The right kind of accountability can cushion the hurt of unsuccessful results while maintaining motivation during times of weight loss.

Work with an Expert

Safe, comprehensive, and long-lasting weight loss is a goal for tens of millions of Americans. Unfortunately, many struggle to find the right path toward a healthy weight.

Working with a caring expert like Dr. Sheila Hughes can make an important difference and promote better chances of success.

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Weight loss can be the most difficult journey of your life. Let’s take it together.