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Top 10 Party Survival Tips
November 14, 2018 at 9:30 AM
by Orange5Life

These are great tips from Dr. Hughes for you to use at parties, events & family get togethers!

Tip 1:  Don’t go to the party hungry. Have a mini meal before you leave home (or prior to preparing it if it's at your house). Don't approach the table famished; you WILL overeat if you do. Be sure to have a protein based snack shortly beforehand. Some low fat cheese with some apple slices, turkey jerky and a pear are ideas.

Tip 2:  A broth based vegetable soup as part of the meal (or even better as an appetizer) is always a great idea. You can use vegetable broth or low fat chicken broth and fill it chock full with veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, onion, mushrooms, green beans, heirloom tomatoes or asparagus. Throw in a little spinach/kale or bok choy for extra flavor and nutrients. Some protein in the way of chicken, seafood or even turkey would be okay to add.

Tip 3:  Have a sparkling drink prior to dinner.  Pellegrino, Perrier or any other  non-caloric sparkling water. If hosting a party make some ice cubes in advance with plain sparkling water in ice cube trays with diced/sliced fruit.  They are beautiful and festive in a nice glass with sparkling or regular flat water.   Sliced Lemons & Oranges are one of our favorite fruits to use for this.

Tip 4:  If wine is going to be part of your meal try to keep it under 4 oz.  Champagne is also not a bad choice. Again keep it to 4 oz. Consider making a wine spritzer, that way you will have the same volume with less alcohol. Always have a bit of protein with the alcohol.  It will help slow down the absorption of the alcohol into your blood stream.  Also remember you will feel the effects of the alcohol with a smaller amount than you did before starting the plan.  THOSE OF YOU TAKING APPETITE SUPPRESSANTS, BE SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST 4 HOURS BETWEEN THE TIME YOU TAKE YOUR MEDS AND HAVING SOME ALCOHOL.

Tip 5:  Take a break. Sometimes friends and family can be cause for stress or distress. Take a break, get a breather and get outside for just a minute if you need to and make sure to take your dog along!  

Tip 6: Drink your WATER.  If you never drink your gallon of water, then today is the day! Water is a natural appetite suppressant and frequently when we think we are hungry we are actually thirsty

Tip 7:  Take Cell Press 1/2 to 1 hour prior to your meal. It is cellulose (which is fiber) with some chromium which can help regulate your insulin levels. Take it with 2 full 8 oz. glasses of water.  You will feel fuller and more likely to control your portions better.

Tip 8: Practice awareness and mindfulness. Tell yourself that you will not overeat.  Be aware of how you feel. Decide beforehand if possible, what you will and will not eat. It just makes life easier if you take away the trauma of deciding while standing in front of carbohydrate heaven.

Tip 9:  Handle ‘food pushers’.   Graciously say no.  Often, we are more concerned with pleasing friends/family than we are with doing what is best for ourselves.  If a buffet is being served relocate to another room and away from the food.  Volunteering to help keep up with dishes and staying active is another great tactic.

Tip 10:  Last, but not least. Look for all the wonderful things in your life that you have been blessed with. Include those little things that you have seen, done, experienced or expressed. 

If you deviate at a party, lunch or dinner get right back into the program at your next meal or snack.  Then make sure to get some extra exercise in the next few days.  Don't beat yourself up over a small hiccup!

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