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Your quick and easy guide to Bodyfx for body contouring
July 8, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness
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At Dr Sheila Hughes Weight Loss, I help clients throughout Los Angeles lose weight. I’ve often found that some of my clients have come far into their weight loss journey. But they sometimes struggle with getting the right shape or eliminating stubborn body fat.

One way to overcome this is to use an innovative treatment such as Bodyfx. As a non-invasive means of removing fat cells without surgery, Bodyfx is ideal for getting the shape you want when you only have a little stubborn weight to shift. If you’re interested in trying it, I’m here to explain how it works.

What is Bodyfx?

Bodyfx involves using radiofrequency energy to heat the fat cells beneath your skin. The heat itself is gentle and feels no warmer than when someone rubs their hand against you with light pressure.

As it is delivered using radiofrequency waves, it’s easy to use it to break down fat cells. This allows it to act as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction with excellent results.

Bodyfx is a gradual process which means you’re likely to need more than one session to experience success. At Dr Sheila Hughes Weight Loss, I assess each patient on a case-by-case basis. I usually recommend weekly appointments and I offer block bookings so that you can organize your sessions easily.

In addition to reducing fat, many of my patients find that Bodyfx tightens their skin. Because of the two benefits combined, it’s easy to achieve your desired contour and you start to see results quite rapidly. The best results are seen within two to four months and you should continue to experience fat cell loss for up to six months.

What happens at your appointment?

Your first appointment will involve me discussing your current concerns and desired target areas with you. I’ll also take some before photos of your target areas so that you can compare them with the results.

On the day of your treatment, I’ll ask you to change into a gown so that I can access your target areas unrestricted. I’ll then use a handheld device to apply the heat and vacuuming sensation to your skin.

You may feel some warmth and pressure, but you won’t experience any discomfort. After the session is finished, you can put your clothes back on and return to your usual activities.

Is it safe for everyone to use?

Bodyfx is safe for most people to use and it comes with zero downtime. Unlike surgery, you don’t need to worry about anesthetic concerns.

Similarly, the lack of incisions means you won’t battle with reactions to medications such as antibiotics. Patients rarely experience side effects afterward, and when they do it’s usually minor warmth and redness.

Bodyfx is particularly advantageous for those who are leading busy lifestyles. My appointments are always swift. Each target area takes 10 to 15 minutes of heat application to see results and I can cover up to four areas at a time. It’s ideal for those who want a better contour but don’t have time to go under the surgeon’s knife.

What are the best ways to maintain results?

Although Bodyfx is excellent for improving your contour, it won’t substitute for ongoing weight loss efforts. If this is something you’re struggling with, I can help.

At Dr Sheila Hughes Weight Loss Management, I help my clients lose weight and maintain their weight loss. If you want to use my services before or after your Bodyfx treatment, I can create a custom plan that matches your personal profile.

If you’d like to learn more about this treatment or if you want to arrange an appointment, call my office at 424 208 3093.