Body contouring: what it can and can’t do for your body

August 18, 2020

Body contouring is an innovative treatment that is helping men and women reduce stubborn fat like never before. While it’s often used in combination with diet and exercise, body contouring itself is not necessarily a weight loss treatment.

At our Southern California wellness clinic, we frequently recommend body contouring for people who are trying to achieve their aesthetic goals after reaching a healthy weight. Let’s take a look at what this non-surgical treatment can and can't do for your body.

1. It can’t remove significant amounts of weight

We find that clients achieve the best results from body contouring when they’re already committed to a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why: while this treatment is a great option for removing stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise, it can’t remove significant amounts of weight.

Many people develop stubborn fat over time that don’t seem to budge, even with diet and exercise. For these clients, body contouring is an excellent option, because it can destroy adipose tissue and fat right below the skin. The aesthetic results can be dramatic, but any weight loss from body contouring is negligible.

If you’re just beginning your weight loss journey, we suggest starting a regular exercise routine and sticking to a healthy diet. The best candidates for body contouring are those who’ve reached their goal weight and just want to refine certain areas.

2. It can spot-reduce fat in common problem areas

If you exercise regularly, then you know how frustrating it is not being able to control where your body loses weight. Spot-reducing fat just isn’t possible when it comes to weight loss. That’s where body contouring can help.

This non-surgical treatment can actually destroy fat in targeted areas, including:

  • Hips and thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Flanks (“love handles”)
  • Abdomen

Our clinic uses two body contouring methods: truSculpt iD and BodyFX. BodyFX applies radiofrequency energy and negative pressure to the skin. Together, these modalities permanently kill adipose tissue.

With truSculpt iD, the fat cells are heated using radiofrequency energy, and then they are naturally eliminated by the body, leading to reduced fat in the treated area.

3. It can’t remove visceral fat

Visceral fat is the most dangerous type of fat in the body. It’s a type of fat that builds up in the abdominal cavity around important organs, such as the liver and stomach. Visceral fat can be extremely harmful to your health. It’s linked to heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other health conditions.

Unfortunately, body contouring cannot remove visceral fat. Body contouring only targets adipose tissue, which is fat that is just below the skin. The good news is that visceral fat responds really well to diet and exercise. By sticking to a solid weight loss program, you can be well on your way to a healthier you.

4. It can reduce cellulite and tighten the skin

Excess weight is often accompanied by cellulite and bumpy skin, especially for women. In many cases, cellulite won’t completely disappear, even with regular exercise.

If you’re struggling to reduce cellulite, body contouring is an excellent option. The body contouring methods we use treat the entire fat layer, from the skin to the muscle. This encourages tissue and collagen remodeling, leading to smoother and tighter-looking skin.

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Body contouring: what it can and can’t do for your body