Burn Fat With a Cool Sculpting Alternative in TruScupt ID

December 13, 2019

Cool sculpting has exploded within the weight loss community. Thousands have explored this technique as a way to easily remove fat while bypassing traditional means, such as diet and exercise.  

The process has worked to help remove fat from patients’ bodies. Cool sculpting, however, has very limited applications and has a relatively smaller number of patients who can benefit from it compared to other treatments. 

At Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss and Wellness, we offer all natural and proven effective solutions that can help you achieve all of the results that you desire. The latest technique, TruSculpt ID, can help many left behind by cool sculpting’s limitations

What Cool Sculpting Is--And What It Is Not

Cool sculpting serves only as a fat-removing process. It emerged as a treatment almost a decade ago when scientists determined that fat froze at higher temperatures than any other tissue during exposure to frostbite. 

Doctors use cool sculpting to spot remove fat from various parts of the body for cosmetic purposes. A device cools the tissue to an appropriate temperature, killing fat cells while only leaving surrounding tissues with a slightly painful rash. 

Even for cosmetic purposes, doctors must limit cool sculpting to patients who meet proper guidelines, including, but not limited to:

  • No loose or poorly toned skin
  • Lower body mass index
  • No conditions, such as certain types of anemia, that cause dangerous problems during cold conditions
  • Cold urticaria, a condition where exposure to cold produces hives

Cool sculpting does kill fat cells. Without a weight loss plan or treatment in place, however, it's been our experience that you will not see permanent and comprehensive results from cool sculpting alone. Those already struggling with weight may find themselves barred from receiving cool sculpting treatments.

All Natural Weight Loss Treatments From a Field Expert

From Philadelphia to Georgia and now here in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Sheila Hughes has spent years developing the knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully treat over 5,000 patients.  Our clinic focuses on lasting and proven all natural weight loss solutions that take off both pounds and fat.

Our programs can serve patients both in the Beverly Hills area and remotely across the world through long distance sessions.

We now also feature one of the latest technologies in body contouring. TruSculpt ID is the first body contouring technology that can help those with a body mass index of 30 or higher. 

Unlike cool sculpting which applies cold temperatures, this procedure uses concentrated radio waves. While cool sculpting only affects middle layers of fat cells, our newer techniques can penetrate from the skin to the muscle layer, removing more fat, more evenly. 

Cool sculpting relies on the device “pinching” the fat to ensure that as much is eliminated as possible.  This also limits its usability on the body. Areas with loose or poorly toned skin respond much better to our new system which does not require a pinch.

TruSculpt ID also works twice as quickly as some other treatments, such as SculpSure.

Finally, any body contouring technology will only provide permanent weight loss when combined with an effective plan of diet, exercise, and other medical treatments. 

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