The benefits of using testosterone pellet therapy

November 7, 2019

As a hormone that plays an important role in both male and female wellbeing, testosterone has a large number of functions. Over time, your testosterone levels may change.

At Dr. Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness, we often see patients whose testosterone levels have declined. Low testosterone in men is particularly problematic and it can have an adverse effect on the patient's general wellbeing. If you believe you're suffering from the negative effects of low testosterone, now's the time to learn how pellet therapy could help.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels in men

Low testosterone in men comes with a specific set of symptoms. You may experience all or some of the following:

• Feeling low in mood and becoming irritable

• A reduction in your libido

• Difficulty maintaining an erection

• Feeling sluggish and lacking in energy

• A reduction in muscle mass

• An increase in body fat

Naturally, these symptoms can have a significant impact on your life. When men visit our clinic with such symptoms, we often recommend using testosterone pellet therapy. As the name suggests, this involves using small pellets that contain testosterone. We insert them beneath the skin and the testosterone is slowly released over a period of months.

The benefits of using testosterone pellet therapy

Many people choose testosterone pellet therapy because it's convenient. Although pills and creams are available, you need to remember to take these every day. If you miss a dose, the treatment may not be as effective as you would like. Additionally, we've sometimes found that our patients experience skin irritation when they use creams. Injections are also an option, but some patients prefer not to use them.

The overall aim of this therapy is to treat the symptoms of low testosterone levels in men. When the therapy is effective, you could experience the following benefits:

• An increase in energy levels

• An improved mood

• A return of your libido

• A reduction in body fat

• An increase in body mass

As we specialize in weight loss, we're often particularly keen to identify how our patients' weight responds to this therapy. It is possible to lose weight. As your hormone profile swings back toward prioritizing muscle over fat, your basal metabolic rate should improve. Additionally, when your energy levels increase and your mood improves, you may feel more motivated to exercise.

Greater bone density

As you age, your bone density decreases. If it decreases too much, you're at risk of developing conditions such as osteoarthritis. Another benefit of testosterone pellet therapy is that your bone density will increase.

Better memory

Studies suggest that increasing your testosterone levels back to normal levels can improve your memory. As a result, you may also decrease your risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Reduction in depression

Many of our patients tell us that having low testosterone levels affects their mental wellbeing. They feel irritable and unable to enjoy life as they once did. When they begin increasing their testosterone levels, their mood changes for the better.

Other ways to treat low testosterone

At Dr Sheila Hughes Weight Loss & Wellness, we recognize that hormone replacement alone isn't always enough to treat symptoms. Because of this, we recommend that our patients make lifestyle changes. For example, losing weight can increase the amount of testosterone you produce. As such, we recommend changing your diet and exercising more.

When you start using testosterone therapy, we'll need to monitor you for side effects. Providing you're experiencing benefits without any adverse effects, you'll be able to continue with your therapy.

If you're suffering from low testosterone and you'd like to explore different therapies, come to us. You can make an appointment by calling 424 208 3093.